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Fully integrated digital marketing campaign for Norwegian sustainable construction company

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Results we are proud of

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Predio not only heightened brand awareness and impressions significantly but also positioned Predio as the premier sustainable development company in Oslo. The campaign's success was marked by an award-winning website, the development of a cohesive branding and growth strategy, and the production of over 100 video assets.


Award-Winning Website

Our innovative approach to Predio's website design, capturing the essence of Scandinavian aesthetics and craftsmanship, garnered significant attention, attracting major investors and establishing Predio as a top choice for sustainable development.


Unified Branding & Growth Strategy

We developed a comprehensive branding and growth strategy that resonated across Norwegian cities, effectively broadening Predio's market penetration and reinforcing their position as a leader in sustainable construction.


Extensive Video Assets

Our creation of over 100 video assets vividly showcased Predio's sustainable and innovative construction projects, differentiating them from competitors and engaging a wide audience.

What we did

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Predio was recognized for its construction projects within key Norwegian customer segments but lacked visibility among influential industry players like contractors, architects, and investors. The challenge was to enhance Predio's brand positioning with a distinct and appealing identity that could be tailored to resonate with each specific audience group, given their diverse motivations and interests.


To elevate Predio's market presence, we embarked on a targeted digital media campaign that saw immediate improvements in brand awareness and engagement. By producing highly targeted content, we achieved a notable increase in click-through rates while reducing costs per click and view. Our innovative use of new platform features, such as Instagram Reels, contributed significantly to the campaign's success. Our efforts extended beyond digital marketing, establishing a scalable marketing system that reached across Norway and introduced Predio to new markets. The campaign was supported by a mix of digital, email, print, and social events, ensuring comprehensive coverage across all customer touchpoints. The creation of online videos further brought the Predio experience to life, highlighting the company's commitment to sustainability and advanced construction techniques.

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