Key to Food Hits 4.3x ROAS with Ads & Influencer Strategy

We rejuvenated Key to Food's brand and digital presence, significantly boosting their engagement and Return on Ad Spend through strategic influencer collaborations and a comprehensive rebranding effort.

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Results we are proud of

Our targeted approach for Key to Food led to a 4.3x Return on Ad Spend, the execution of over 30 creator campaigns, and an impressive 7% engagement rate, marking a new era of growth and community engagement for the brand.


Amplified Return on Ad Spend

Through our meticulously planned and executed advertising strategies, Key to Food achieved a remarkable 4.3x return on ad spend, significantly enhancing their marketing investment efficiency.


Successful Creator Campaigns

We launched over 30 creator campaigns, leveraging influencers to broaden Key to Food's reach and deepen its market penetration, effectively growing their tribe and brand presence.


Elevated Engagement Rate

Our strategic content and influencer collaborations ignited Key to Food's social media platforms, achieving a stellar 7% engagement rate and fostering a vibrant, interactive community.

What we did

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partner approach


Key to Food, a frontrunner in the UK's healthy meal prep sector, sought Trendt's expertise to enhance their market visibility. Their goals were ambitious: expand their social media footprint, forge meaningful connections with influencers to amplify their brand community, and increase user-generated content. Additionally, they aimed to discover and engage in strategic collaborations to tap into new audience segments.


Recognizing the need for a brand refresh, we embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey for Key to Food. This included a full makeover of their healthy food branding strategy, from visual design to tone of voice and copywriting, infusing the brand with a modern, energetic vibe. Our holistic brand development process yielded powerful recognition tools and a cohesive marketing strategy, complete with an actionable plan aimed at conveying a unified brand message to both current and prospective clients and suppliers. Through dynamic social media campaigns, captivating ads, and a revitalized website, we not only excited the existing community but also significantly increased order volumes, challenging us to match the surge in demand with adequate production capabilities.

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